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The following items are for your review and discussion at the September 9, 2019 BoCC Meeting.



Tipping Fee Evaluation - See the attached tip fee memo update that includes out-of-county adjustment recommendations that use Teton County Wyoming fees as a minimum. 

Open Positions - We are currently advertising for Laborer and Operator positions now open at the Transfer Station.



Crews continue working on road reconstruction for W3000N and will then be moving to E5000N for rebuild/overlay efforts.  

Packsaddle Road Vacation Update - Crews have been working throughout the summer to construct the new Packsaddle Road Alignment as outlined in the agreement between the County and Ag Rim LLC.  Public Works and Road & Bridge have been inspecting and passing off sections of roadway as it is completed.  Per the agreement, improvements must be completed no later than November 30, 2019.  



Transportation Plan Update Work Session - I will be scheduling a work session in October with hopes to finalize the Transportation Plan Update

Time Off - I plan to take the following days off; 9/10-9/13 and then 9/23-9-27. 






Meeting History

Sep 9, 2019 9:00 AM Audio Board of County Commissioners Regular Meeting

Solid Waste - Mr. Johnson presented a proposed tipping fee schedule. The fee schedule is an everybody pays, no free trips over the scale proposal. Solid Waste Supervisor Saul Varela was present to answer questions. The Board discussed options for the minimum fee. Mr. Johnson will present a fee change resolution at the next Board meeting.

Mr. Johnson mentioned that he invited Mr. Vail to speak at Open Mic. He asked the Board if they wanted to change the policy on closing the Transfer Station in a timely manner.

Road & Bridge - Crews will be moving to E5000N from W3000N soon.

Packsaddle Road vacation - work has been ongoing all summer. Per the agreement, the completion date is November 30, 2019. Mr. Johnson will keep the Board updated on the progress.

Transportation Plan update - Mr. Johnson will put the updated Transportation Plan on an October agenda for a work session to move forward with finalization. Commissioner Heneage suggested that Teton Valley trails and Pathways Executive Director Dan Verbeten could offer some edits for the non motorized portion of the Plan.