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  1. Public Hearing Notice - 2020 Fee Structure (This file has not yet been converted to a viewable format)
  2. Packsaddle Road Agreement with Grandview Ranch


The following items are for your review and discussion at the September 20, 2019 BoCC Meeting.



Tipping Fee Adjustment - See the attached Public Notice for Tip Fee Adjustments.  A special commissioners meeting is scheduled for 9/30 for the public hearing to adopt these new fees. 

Open Positions - We are currently advertising for Laborer and Operator positions now open at the Transfer Station.

Increase in Confrontations - Confrontations seem to be on the rise this summer.  We are attributing this to an increase in users.  We are working with staff to identify ways to minimize confrontations with visitors and will keep the commissioners apprised of any ideas or change in policy we think might mitigate these confrontations.



Crews took advantage of the rains to grade gravel roads last week.  Crews continue working on road reconstruction for W3000N and will then be moving to E5000N for rebuild/overlay efforts.  

Packsaddle Road Vacation Update - Last week Ag Rim LLC closed the county road from Milk Creek to the Forest Service access.  Attached is the County’s agreement with Ag Rim. I would like to discuss what constitutes completion so I can communicate that to the Owner.  I believe the contract states that roads are to be reclaimed once they are abandoned.  Roads are abandoned upon final acceptance when all improvements are complete.  Improvements include road, pathway, signs and parking lot.  The Owner closed the road claiming they are going to begin reclamation and to divert traffic through the new parking lot construction.  I feel traffic can be re-routed to the Packsaddle Lake Road on either side of the new parking lot without the existing county road being closed.  I would also like to discuss whether the county road should remain closed or be re-opened.



Transportation Plan Update Work Session - I will be scheduling a work session in October with hopes to finalize the Transportation Plan Update

Time Off - I plan to take the following days off; 9/23-9-27. 







Meeting History

Sep 20, 2019 9:00 AM Audio Board of County Commissioners Regular Meeting
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Public hearing for the tipping fee increase will be on the special Sept. 30th meeting.

Mr. Johnson will be presenting a plan to minimize confrontations at the Transfer Station.

Packsaddle Road closure - Mr. Johnson believes that per the agreement the road has been closed prematurely as the improvements on the new road have not been completed. He does not believe revegetation should be allowed until the improvements are completed. The Board agreed that the road should not be closed in its entirety until the new road is complete, citing Idaho Code 40-203 which requires a public process to vacate a public road.

Drew Meppen with Benchmark Land Surveying representing AgRim and Grandview LLC said the owner is feeling the pressure to get the project done. Mr. Meppen agreed to cooperate with the County and do a temporary closure on portions of the road as the improvements are completed. The Board pointed out that the agreement doesn't expire until Nov. 30th.

Attorney Sean Moulton, representing the owner, indicated that the agreement allows for phased vacation of the road.

The Board pointed out that the closeout of the project is to be done at the direction of the County.

The contractor will submit a traffic control plan. Mr. Johnson will instruct the contractor to make the road closure temporary and cease reclamation until the new road is completed and the old road is vacated.